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Automatic Green Banana Plantain Grinder Machine

This green banana grinder machine utilizes the high-speed relative motion between the movable toothed plate and the fixed toothed plate to make the crushed materials pulverized by the comprehensive action of gear impact, friction and impact between materials.



The whole banana grinder machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, and different grinding fineness can be obtained by replacing the stainless steel screen. The green banana grinder machine consists of a crusher, a cyclone separation device, a pulse dust collector, a blower, etc. It is a new generation of grinding machines that integrates grinding, vacuuming, and continuous unloading, and it is also one of the most popular grinding machines.

Working Video Of Green Banana Grinder Machine

The machine is simple in structure, sturdy, stable in operation, high in crushing efficiency, low in noise, saves electricity and occupies a small area. Below is the working video of this machine, in the video it can be seen that this machine has very good working efficiency.

How The Banana Grinder Works

This banana grinder machine mainly uses the relative movement between the movable toothed plate and the fixed toothed plate to crush bananas through the impact and friction of the teeth. The crushed bananas enter the cyclone separation device through the centrifugal action of the rotation and the gravity action of the blower and are discharged through the unloader. The dust is sent to the dust collecting box and recycled by the filter, and the fineness of grinding can be adjusted by replacing the screen.

Features Of Plantain Grinder Machine

  1. This machine has a simple structure, stable operation, and good crushing effect. The crushed materials can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber of the main machine.
  2. The grinding fineness can be obtained by installing screens with different apertures.
  3. The linear structure is simple and easy to install and maintain.
  4. The whole plantain grinder machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the pneumatic part, electrical part, and operation part are all made of high-quality brands.
  5. Our prices are reasonable and more competitive than our peers.
  6. Wide range of applications This mill can grind different kinds of materials: fruit and vegetable products, nut products, and so on.
  7. The multifunctional grinder has a smooth surface and is easy to clean.

banana grinder machine  features

Installation And Commissioning Of Banana Grinder Machine 

  1. Remove the fixed chainring, just remove the bolts.
  2. To disassemble and disassemble the bearing, first, open the green banana grinder machine cavity, remove the rotating gear plate or rotary knife, remove the labyrinth and the center bearing cover, and then remove the outer pulley and bearing cover, thereby pushing the two ends of the axial direction to remove them respectively. Bearings and shafts at both ends.
  3. The oil hole of the shaft cavity bushing is still kept aligned with the oil eye during installation.
  4. When installing the screen, the screen ring should be close to the shoulder groove in the machine cavity, otherwise, the screen ring will be damaged when the door is closed.
  5. When making a screen ring, the unfolded length of the screen should be made according to the size of the inner shoulder of the screen ring. If the screen is damaged, it should be made by the manufacturer.
  6. Install the screen: When the two-screen rings are assembled, align the marks and then press the screen into the inner screen. If the screen is too tight, press the screen inward and then push it outward.


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