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Dingtalk_20220105102850   500KG/H Banana Powder Making Production Line

banana powder production line

The banana powder production line uses bananas as raw materials and obtains banana powder after peeling, slicing, drying, and grinding.

The banana powder can not only maintain the natural color, aroma, and nutrition of bananas but also facilitate storage. The banana powder production line provided by our company has a high degree of automation and low energy consumption, which can reduce labor and processing costs.

Machines Introduction

slicer , blanching machine, dryer machine, powder machine, packing machine.

Raw Material

bananas, plantains

Finished Product

 banana powder, plantain powder

Production Capacity

300-1000KG/H, support customization.

banana powder production process

Dingtalk_20220105102850   Standalone Introduction

Cut bananas into round slices or long slices (thickness 1-3mm) according to the finished product.

In order to inhibit the activity of mildew, put the cut banana slices into the blanching machine for color protection: soak in 1% sodium bisulfite + 0.5% citric acid solution for 5-10 minutes.

air-drying machine-1

Air-cooling machine

remove the moisture on the banana slices, thereby shortening the drying time and reducing the energy consumption during drying.

Put the banana slices into the heat pump drying box for drying. The moisture content of the finished product should be less than 13%. The drying temperature should be controlled at 40~65℃ for 15~18h.

The dried banana slices are transported to the mill for grinding, and the fineness of the grinding is adjustable.

banana powder packing machine

Banana powder packing machine

The banana powder is packaged with a powder packaging machine, and the packaged product is beautiful and consistent in weight.

plantain powder
banana powder

Dingtalk_20220105102850   Advantages Of Banana Chips Production Line 


The obtained banana powder is of good quality.


Stable operation, the low failure rate, high efficiency.


Efficient production, simple operation and convenient maintenance.


 Customers can customize banana powder solutions according to their own plant area and output.


The machine leaves the factory to provide detailed instructions, installation videos, and a 12-month warranty period.

Dingtalk_20220105102850   Technical Parameter

banana powder line technical parameter

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