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Dingtalk_20220105102850   Banana Chips Drying Production Line From A To Z

banana chips drying production line

The commercial banana chips drying production line has the advantages of high production efficiency and labor-saving, and its hourly output is between 100kg/h-1000kg/h. It can be customized according to different output requirements and is an ideal production line for drying banana chips.

This production line can realize the automatic production process from raw materials to packaging, which is more convenient and efficient for processing and drying banana chips.

Banana Selection

Choose about seven mature bananas to eliminate insect bites, tissue damage bananas.

Banana Pre-cooking

Place Immature bananas in hot water and cook for 4-7 minutes.

Banana Cooling

Using cold water to quickly cool , which is more convenient for peeling.

Banana Peeling

Manually peel the banana peel and remove the rotten part of the surface.

Production Process of banana chips drying line

Dingtalk_20220105102850   Standalone Introduction

banana blanching machine

Banana blanching machine

Blanch the immature bananas and peel them after blanching.

 Use a banana slicer to cut bananas into 2-3mm slices.

Put the sliced bananas into the banana chips blanching machine for blanching (into 1% sodium bisulfite + 0.5% citric acid solution), soak for 5-10 minutes, inhibit the effect of mildew and prevent the pulp Oxidation.

air-drying machine-1

Banana slices air-cooling machine

remove the moisture from the blanched banana slices, thereby shortening the drying time and reducing the energy consumption during drying.

The drying temperature should be controlled at 40~65℃, and the drying should be completed within 15~18 hours. Generally, a banana chips dryer machine is used for drying, and the moisture content of the finished product is required to be less than 13%.

packing machine

Banana chips packing machine

The dried banana chips are sealed and packaged to extend the shelf life of the product.

Hoisting machine

Commercial lifting machine

Dingtalk_20220105102850   Advantages Of Banana Chips Production Line 


Efficient production, energy saving, support customization.


Can realize uninterrupted production and obtain higher product quality.


Using a digital control panel for operation, which is convenient for operation.


Customer-specific banana chip drying solutions can be customized according to different output .


Improve working conditions, reduce production costs, and shorten production cycles.

Dingtalk_20220105102850   Technical Parameter

technical parameter of banana chips drying line

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