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Automatic Vibrating Banana Chips Degreasing Machine For Sale

This machine is mainly used for the degreasing of fried products and the dewatering of fruit and vegetable products. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and labor saving.



This banana chips degreasing machine is made of 304 stainless steel and uses the vibration principle to remove the oil from fried food or the water for washing fruits and vegetables. It can also be used to screen, classify, and fabric materials, and is suitable for use with the frying machines, seasoning machine,s and other production lines. In addition, this chips deoiling machine is widely used in the degreasing of fried banana chips, onion rings, French fries, chicken nuggets, and other foods.

Working Video Of Banana Chips Degreasing Machine

Below is a video of the banana chips deoiling machine working, which has high working efficiency and stable operation.

Working Principle Of Chips Deoiling Machine

This machine is driven by the motor through the vibrating machine to vibrate. The material is gradually deoiled from the hole on the receiving tray during the vibration process, which can remove most of the water or oil as soon as possible, shorten the drying time of the material, and then enter The next step is the procedure.

Features Of Degreasing Machines For Sale

  • The whole machine is made of sus304 stainless steel, with superb craftsmanship and reliable structure.
  • The material moves from the feeding section to the discharging end under the action of vibration without damaging the material.
  • The elastic vibration support can ensure the conveying direction of the driving force, can control the linear movement of the screen body, and has good lateral stability, which can effectively prevent lateral movement when passing through the resonance zone.
  •  It has high work efficiency and supports customization.
  • The screen can be replaced according to different mesh requirements to achieve cost-saving.
  • Low energy consumption, high output, convenient maintenance, saving manpower.

banana chips degreasing machines display

Application Of Banana Chips Degreasing Machine

  1. Degreasing fried foods: onion rings, plantain slices, gluten, french fries, chicken
  2. Dehydration of fruits and vegetables: fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables and so on.
  3. If you want to know more details about this machine or get a free quote, please leave a message to us.

chips degreasing machines applications

Operation Points

  1. Clean the deoiling machine, remove foreign objects and dirt, and wipe dry water;
  2. Visually inspect whether the power cord is broken or cracked;
  3. Whether the appearance and function of the switch and indicator light are abnormal;
  4. Whether the connector is well connected;
  5. Turn on the power.
  6. Connect the material receiving device.
  7. After finishing the work, turn off the power.

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