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High Quality Banana Plantain Chips Cutting Machine Price

this banana chips cutting machine has the characteristics of simple operation and efficient production.



This banana chips cutting machine can be used alone or in conjunction with the banana chip production line, which completely replaces manual labor and improves production efficiency. The thickness of the banana slices can be changed by adjusting the knife. Four different sizes of holes are designed on the top of the machine, and finished products of different shapes can be obtained. In addition, this automatic banana slicing machine uses a variety of fruit and vegetable products to ensure that the cut product has a uniform thickness and can be used for multiple purposes in one machine.

automatic plantain chips cutting machine applications

Working Principle Of Banana Plantain Chips Cutting Machine

This banana cutting machine places the material on the rotating cutter head, and uses its own gravity or manual push rod to apply pressure. When the cutter head rotates once, it will cut twice (according to the number of blades) to obtain banana slices.

Features Of Plantain Chips Cutting Machine

  1. The diameters of the four holes of the slicer are: 100mm 76mm 76mm 55mm.
  2. The thickness of the slice is 1-5mm, and the shape of the finished product is a circular slice or an oblique slice.
  3. The cutter head can be removed, and the thickness can be adjusted by adjusting the direction of the nut. Clockwise upwards will increase the slice thickness, and counterclockwise the slice thickness will decrease.
  4. The switch is on the top of the machine, press the switch to start working, the voltage is 380V/220V.
  5. The slice surface is smooth and does not break.

hot sale banana chips cutting machine detail

Advantages Of Banana Chips Cutting Machine

  1. This banana cutting machine uses high-quality 304 stainless steel material, which is durable and not easy to corrode.
  2. The slicing requirements and guide holes can be customized according to specific sizes.
  3. The body has beautiful appearance, low noise, simple operation and easy cleaning.
  4. High slicing efficiency and low failure rate.
  5. 5.This banana chips cutting machine price is reasonably .

Applications Of Banana Plantain Chips Cutting Machine

This chips slicing machine is suitable for a variety of fruit and vegetable products, such as bananas, plantains, lemons, apples, lotus roots, carrots, potatoes, etc. If you want to know more details about this machine, please contact me.

Operation Instructions

  • Connect the power cord of the banana slicer machine to the required knife switch, and check whether the power cord is damaged
  • Press the start switch to see if the direction of the material dial is clockwise, such as counterclockwise, just swap any two of the power cords
  • When the machine turns in the same clockwise direction, start the machine and adjust the slice thickness with a small amount of material first
  • After use, clean up the waste residue and dirt with a damp cloth, and apply a layer of edible oil to the knife.

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