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Industrial Banana Chips Fryer Machine Price In Pakistan

This machine supports customization, optional heating methods (electric heating, gas heating, coal heating), and the output per hour is between 100-1000kg/h.



This Banana Chips Fryer Machine can be heated by gas or electric heating and uses the working principle of oil-water separation to ensure that the oil is clean. It can be automatically unloaded after frying, saving manpower, and can also be used for potato chips, french fries, plantain chips. In addition, the chips fryer machine adopts the principle of thermal circulation to make full use of heat, realizes automatic production, stable operation performance, and the output per hour is between 100-1000kg/h.

Basic Principle Of Chips Fryer Machine

The oil is heated by the heating system, and then the material to be fried is put into it. During the frying process, the material is automatically stirred, so that the material can be fried evenly, and the resulting slag will sink to the bottom of the water, prolonging the service life of the oil.

commercial banana chips fryer machine display

Advantages Of Banana Chips Fryer Machine

  • Using the whole oil or oil-water mixing process, equipped with a high-efficiency burner, the thermal efficiency is high, the temperature rises quickly, and the production efficiency is improved.
  • The diameter of the frying basket of this fryer can be customized according to requirements.
  • This frying basket is designed to be round. The main body is made of sus304 stainless steel, with exquisite craftsmanship, sturdiness and durability.
  • This banana chips making machine can realize the functions of automatic feeding, automatic discharging, and automatic temperature control.
  • Automatically filter the residue, which can extend the oil change interval and reduce the oil cost.
  • Automatic stirring during frying to ensure even frying and can be operated by one person.
  • Make the fried products look clean and beautiful, safe and hygienic, environmentally friendly and healthy, and ensure food nutrition.

Working Video Of Banana Chips Fryer Machine

This banana chip frying machine is often used with the banana chip production line, or it can be used directly. Below is the working video of this fryer. If you want to know more details about this fryer, you can contact us.

Application And Price Of Chips Fryer Machine in Pakistan

This banana chips fryer machine is commonly used equipment in food processing plants and fast-food restaurants. It has a wide range of applications. It is often used for frying nuts (peanuts, green beans, broad beans), puffed foods (potato chips, onions, onion rings, yams, sweet potato chips, plantain chips), Noodle products (chin chin, dumplings, fried dough sticks, noodles), meat products (chicken, pigskin, chicken skin), seafood (fish skin, shrimp, squid).

This chips fryer machine price in Pakistan is reasonable, welcome to customize

Technical Parameter

Model Depth of frying pan diameter(MM) Stirring power(KW) Lifting power(KW) Heating power Dimension(MM)
GGYZG1000A 400 0.37 1.1 15KW 1900*1800*1770
GGYZG1200A 400 0.37 1.1 20KW 2100*2000*1770
GGYZG1500A 400 0.37 1.1 20KW 2300*2200*1770
GGYZE1000A 400 0.37 1.1 36KW 1650*1250*1550
GGYZE1200A 400 0.37 1.1 48KW 1850*1450*1500
GGYZE1500A 400 0.37 1.1 60KW 2150*1750*1550

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