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Gas Heating Banana Chips Frying Machine Cost

The output of this machine for fried banana chips is between 200-1000kg/h, and the ratio of raw materials to finished products is about 4:1.



Working Principle Of Banana Chips Frying Machine

The main feature of this banana chips frying machine is that it can realize continuous production. First, the oil is heated by the heating system, and then the material is conveyed to the frying oil through the mesh belt, and the whole process is automatically fed and discharged.

Ingredients: bananas

Finished product: Banana chips

Heating method: electricity, gas

Frying temperature: 160 ℃ to 180 ℃

Output: 200-1000kg/h, can be customized

Ratio of raw materials to finished products: 4:1

commercial banana chips frying machine applications

Features Of Banana Chips Frying Machine:

  1. The mesh belt conveyor adopts a frequency conversion speed regulating motor, and the frying time can be set freely.
  2. The push-button operation, the operation panel is waterproof, simple and safe.
  3. Advanced heating tube and burner heating, fast heating, high energy utilization efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
  4. Automatic temperature control, suitable and adjustable water temperature.
  5. The whole banana chips machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, exquisite workmanship, strong and durable.
  6. The upper and lower layers of mesh belts are conveyed to avoid product floating during the frying process, and the frying is more even.
  7. It can be matched with an oil storage tank and fine filter or coarse filter device, which saves more fuel consumption.
  8. Chips frying machine cost: Reasonable price, reducing the production cost of banana chips.

banana chips frying machine display

Details Of Chips Frying Machine

  • There are pulleys at the bottom for easy movement.
  • The upper cover can be lifted for easy cleaning.
  • The water level can be easily seen through the sight glass.
  • Equipped with a high-temperature alarm device.

Working Video Of Frying Machine

Operation Points Of Banana Chips Frying Machine

  • After the plantain chips frying machine is installed, it should be stable and all fasteners should be tightened.
  • Check whether the circuit is normal
  • Turn on the power.
  • Turn on the heating tube.
  • When the oil temperature reaches the set temperature, turn on the mesh belt motor to start the conveyor belt. Start the oil pump.
  • Set the frying time and put the food to be fried into the input port.
  • The banana chips frying machineis equipped with an automatic oil replenishment system, which can replenish the oil consumed during the use of the equipment at any time (ensure that there is sufficient oil in the oil tank).
  • After finishing the work, turn off the heating pipe and continue to run the circulating oil pump to cool the oil temperature.
  • According to the situation, choose to transport the oil to the oil tank or store it in the chips frying machine.

Technical Parameter Of Chips Frying Machine

Model Belt width
oil pump power
lifting power
heating power Dimension
GGLZG3500A 800 1.5 0.55 20Wkcal 3700*1900*2400
GGLZG5000A 800 1.5 0.55*2 30Wkcal 5200*1900*2400
GGLZG6500A 800 1.5 0.75*2 20Wkcal*2 6700*1900*2400
GGLZG8000A 800 2.2 0.75*2 30Wkcal*2 8200*1900*2400
GGLZE3500A 800 1.5 0.55 90KW 3700*1600*2200
GGLZE5000A 800 1.5 0.55*2 120kw 5200*1600*2200
GGLZE6500A 800 1.5 0.75*2 190kw 6700*1600*2200
GGLZE8000A 800 2.2 0.75*2 255kw 8200*1600*2200

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