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This electronic multi-head scale for banana chips packaging machines has 10-head scales, 14-head scales, 16-head scales, 24-head scales and even more, and supports customization.



This banana chips packaging machine mainly uses the principle of combined weighing to accurately package the banana chips. Banana chips are a very popular fried snack. The processed banana chips usually need to be sealed and stored for convenient storage, such as filling the bag with nitrogen to keep it fresh. The automatic chips packing machine provided by our company has high production efficiency, reduces labor, and is suitable for bulk packaging of banana chips.

Features Of Banana Chips Packing Machine

  • The purpose of weighing is achieved by the combination of the number of heads, that is to say, the more the number of heads, the more combinations, the faster the speed and the higher the accuracy.
  • Electronic multi-head scales have 10-head scales, 14-head scales, 16-head scales, 24-head scales and even more, each of which is a separate scale that can be weighed independently.
  • Fast weighing speed—10 buckets can reach 50-70 bags/minute, 14 buckets can reach 80-120 bags/minute
  • Guarantees the accuracy of each cutting. The material is filled into the bag, and the constant temperature heating device is used for horizontal sealing to ensure the tightness of the seal.
  • The high degree of automation—-integrate with elevator and packaging machine to automatically complete quantitative packaging system.
  • Adopting PLC control has the characteristics of very simple operation, low noise and a more stable circuits.
  • High quality and support customization.

automatic banana chips packing machine

Operation Points Of Automatic Chips Packing Machine

  1. The hoist feeds the material through the feeding plate so that the material is concentrated on the main vibration plate, and then the material is evenly distributed into the line vibration plate by vibration.
  2. Detect the material on the feeding tray, and send a feeding signal to the elevator to feed when the material is lacking or the feeding is insufficient.
  3. The line vibration machine vibrates, and the material is sent to each buffer hopper through the amplitude and the feeding time of the line vibration.
  4. The stepping motor works, open the buffer bucket and send the material in the bucket to the weighing bucket.
  5. When the material is in the weighing bucket, the weight signal is generated by the sensor and transmitted to the main board.
  6. The CPU on the main board reads and records the weight of each weighing bucket, selects the combination weighing bucket that is closest to the target weight, and sends a signal that it is ready to discharge.
  7. When the CPU receives the allowable discharge signal from the automatic chips packing machine, the material will be discharged into the chute and enter the collection hopper.

We are professional chips packing machine manufacturer,If you want to know more details about this banana chips packaging machine, you can contact us, we will quote you as soon as possible according to your needs!

Technical Parameter Of Banana Chips Packing Machine

Model GGLK1000 GGLK720 GGLK520 GGLK420
Film width max 1050mm max 720mm max 520mm max 420mm
Bag width 100-500mm 110-350mm 90-250mm 80-200mm
Bag length 150-700mm 100-420mm 80-350mm 50-300mm
Packing speed 5-25bags/min 10-50bags/min 10-70bags/min 15-80bags/min
Packing range 300-5000ml 150-4000ml 150-2000ml 150-1500ml
Film thickness 0.04-0.10mm 0.04-0.10mm 0.04-0.10mm 0.04-0.10mm
Power 4.2kw/220v 50-60Hz 4kw/220v 50-60Hz 3kw/220v 50-60Hz 2.5kw/220v 50-60Hz

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