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Banana Flour Processing Plant-Banana Flour Solution

  1. Production process:

Banana – blanching – cooling – peeling – slicing – lifting – color protection – water removal – drying – lifting – crushing – lifting – packaging

  1. The moisture content of banana raw materials is less than or equal to 75%
  2. The moisture content of bananas after drying is less than or equal to 8%


Fully automatic banana flour processing plant for making banana flour or plantain powder. The machines used in the banana flour processing factory mainly include a banana blanching and blanching machine, a banana slicer, a banana drying machine, a banana grinding machine, banana flour packaging machine, etc. This production line is very suitable for banana flour processing, and we can also adjust the processing technology according to customer requirements.

Production Process of Banana Flour Processing Plant

banana – blanching – cooling – peeling – slicing – lifting – color protection – water removal – drying – lifting – crushing – lifting – packaging

  • Material: Banana
  • Slice thickness: 4mm
  • Blanching: 3-5 minutes, 90 degrees
  • Cooling: 20 degrees normal temperature
  • Drying: 75% to 5% moisture content, 8h
  • Grinding powder: 120 mesh
  • Raw material to finished product ratio: 4:1


Introduction of Banana Flour Processing Machine

  1. Banana blanching machine: use a continuous blanching machine to blanch the whole banana, which is more conducive to peeling after blanching.
  2. Cooling and peeling: Place the blanched bananas in cold water to cool, and then peel them manually after cooling.
  3. Banana slicer: Cut the bananas into slices of about 4mm.
  4. Banana slice blanching machine: The sliced banana slices are color-protected.
  5. Banana slice air dryer: remove the moisture on the surface of banana slices and reduce the drying time.
  6. Banana slice dryer: used for drying banana slices.
  7. Banana Chip Grinder: Grind the dried bananas, and the grinding mesh can be adjusted.
  8. banana flour packaging machine: According to the customer’s packaging requirements, the banana flour is packaged.

Banana Flour Machines

Advantages of Banana Flour Processing Machine

  • Each machine of the banana flour production line can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.
  • There are different output options, our engineers can design exclusive processing solutions according to the size of the customer’s workshop.
  • The main part of each machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which has a long service life.
  • The process can be verified for customers, and the factory can be visited at any time.

Video of Banana Flour Processing Plant

Below is the working video of the banana flour processing factory. It is a relatively complete banana flour production line. Its fully automatic production process can improve production efficiency and save labor costs for customers.

If you want to start a banana flour processing business or want to expand the scale, you can leave a message to us, and we will provide you with a more detailed plan and a quotation for the production line.

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