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Automatic Banana Chips Processing Line For Plant

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The design concept of this production line is advanced and the degree of automation is high. The contact part between the system and the material is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food hygiene and safety.



The automatic banana chips processing line is a complete set of processing equipment developed by our factory according to the needs of customers. This set of equipment is to cut bananas into thin slices and then fry them for seasoning. It has the characteristics of high automation, convenient operation, efficient and stable operation. Using this banana chips production line can truly realize fully automatic operation, which can make your fried banana chips have an advantage in both color and taste, and have a broader market prospect.

banana chips processing plant

Banana Chips Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of banana chips is mainly banana slicing, blanching, dehydration, frying, defatting, seasoning and packaging. It is labor-saving and labor-saving, and the production efficiency is extremely high.

  • Banana slicer: The banana slicer is easy to operate, has high output, adjustable slice thickness, and cutting angle (oblique slice, round slice). The finished product has a smooth surface.
  • Banana chips frying machine: digital control of working time, the temperature can be freely set at 0-260 degrees, no oil fume, no peculiar smell, time saving and environmental protection. Frying oil can be reused for a long time, saving fuel consumption.
  • Banana chip deoiler: It can improve product quality and taste, reduce costs and prolong food shelf life. Oil can be recycled and reused, reducing fuel consumption.
  • Banana chip seasoning machine: The whole machine is stainless steel. It will not contaminate food materials during the working process, especially suitable for banana chips seasoning, the machine’s speed is adjustable, and a dusting device is equipped to make the banana slices evenly received.
  • Banana chips packing machine: Banana chips can resist oxidation after being packed, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term storage.

Advantages of Automatic Banana Chips Processing Line

  1. Each machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which meets the standards of hygiene and food safety.
  2. Support customization, the output of the machine, the heating method, and the cutting size can be customized.
  3. The manufacturing process of banana chips is clean and hygienic, with high work efficiency and labor-saving.
  4. Can effectively reduce energy waste, easy to use and maintain.
  5. High quality and competitive price.
  6. Suitable for large-scale production of banana chips.

Banana Chips Processing Plant in Kenya

Kenya is rich in bananas. We recently received an inquiry from a Kenyan customer. We configured this production line for the customer according to the output and processing technology handled by the customer.

If you are interested in this automatic banana chips processing line, please leave us a message.

Technical Parameter

Machine Power Capacity Weight Dimension
Banana Peeling Machine 1.1KW 240pcs/min
Banana Cutting Machine 0.75kw 600-800 kg/h 100 kg 650*550*900mm
Banana Chips Fryer 24kw 100 kg/h 140 kg 1400*700*950mm
Deoiling Machine 1.1kw 300 kg/h 360 kg 1000*500*700mm
Seasoning machine 1.5kw 800 kg/h 180 kg 1200*1000*1400mm
Chips Packing Machine 2.5kw 30-60 Bags/min 480 kg 820*900*1980mm

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