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Industrial Banana Plantain Flour Powder Processing Plant

* Raw materials used: banana, plantain.

*Finished products: Banana Flour, Plantain Flour

*Advantages of finished products: Bananas are processed into banana powder, which is more convenient for long-term storage and consumption.



Banana powder and plantain powder from banana powder processing plants can keep their original flavor very well. Our company can provide a complete set of equipment for processing banana powder (plantain flour) – banana powder production line, which can maintain the original flavor and color of banana (plantain) and facilitate transportation and sales.

Process Flow of Plantain Flour Process Line

The complete plantain flour process line mainly includes: banana — peeling — slicing — drying — grinding — packaging. This processing technology can efficiently realize the production of plantain flour and is one of the ideal processes for the commercial production of plantain flour.

plantain flour process line

Introduction of Banana Powder Processing Plant Machines

  1. Pick and peel the bananas:

Choose 7 or 8 ripe bananas, peel the bananas (for quick peeling, it will be blanched in a blanching machine before peeling)

  1. Banana slicing machine:

After the bananas are peeled, the next step is to slice them. Our banana slicer can efficiently cut bananas into slices, and the thickness of the slices can be adjusted.

  1. Plantain drying machine:

Regarding the drying of plantain, a heat pump-type banana chip dryer will be used for drying.

  1. Plantain milling machine:

After the plantain is dried, it is ground with a banana chip grinder to obtain a banana powder.

  1. Plantain packaging and sealing machine:

After grinding, the banana powder needs to be packaged and sold.

Advantages of Banana Powder Processing Plant

  • The design of each machine is beautiful and generous and has the advantages of low one-time investment, low energy consumption, convenient use and maintenance, etc.
  • Can be customized according to customer needs: production capacity, packaging, products, etc.
  • We have a professional engineer team and production team, which can design and manufacture independently.
  • You can visit our factory at any time.

Banana Flour Production Cost

Banana flour is a profitable business, and the costs to be considered in the production of banana flour are the cost of the banana flour-making machine, the cost of the banana flour production plant, the labor cost, the marketing cost, etc. These costs are invested for a later return.

If you want to buy this plantain flour process line to start a banana flour or plantain flour business, you can leave us a message and we will send you a quotation as soon as possible.

Technical Parameter Of Plantain Flour Processing Line

Machine Power capacity Weight Dimension
Banana Cutting machine 0.75kW 600-800kg/h 100kg 650*550*900mm
Blanching machine 1.5kw 500 kg/h 950kg 4200*1400*2300mm
Drying Machine 1.8KW 500 kg/h 2800Kg 4460*22602100mm
Powder machine 11 Kw 800 kg/h 550kg 800900*1550mm
Packing Machine 2.5kW 30-60 Bags/min 480kg 820·900*1980mm

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