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Small Scale Plantain Chips Making Production Machine 100kg/h

*Ingredients: plantains or bananas

*Finished product: fried plantain chips or banana chips

*Production capacity (customizable): 100kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h.



The small scale plantain chips making machines is suitable for enterprises that mass-produce plantain chips. Each machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is in line with product safety. In the production process, it has the advantages of saving labor and reducing costs, and the produced plantain chips are of high quality and good taste. In addition, our company can also configure different plans for plantain chips production line according to the output of different customers.

Introduction of Equipment For Making Plantain Chips

The plantain chips production machines is mainly composed of a plantain slicer, plantain blanching machine, blanching machine, plantain chips dehydrator, plantain chip fryer, plantain chip deoiler, plantain chip Straw flakes seasoning machine, plantain flakes packaging machine and other equipment.

Processing Steps of Plantain Chips Production Machine

  1. Plantain slicer. Use this equipment for making plantain chip to cut plantains into rounds or other pieces.
  2. Plantain slice blanching machine: blanching the cut plantains can achieve the purpose of color protection.
  3. Plantain Chip Air Dryer: Remove surface moisture and reduce frying time.
  4. Plantain chips frying machine: It has a variety of heating methods, and the frying time and temperature can be automatically adjusted. The fried plantain slices have a good taste and color.
  5. Plantain chip deoiling machine: Degreasing the fried plantain chips using the working principle of centrifugal
  6. Plantain chips seasoning machine: An octagonal type seasoning machine is used to season the plantain slices. It can be equipped with dusting powder, which has the characteristics of uniform seasoning and low noise.
  7. Plantain Chip Packing Machine: Use a packing machine to pack plantain chips into a plastic bag. This packaging machine is a fully automatic packaging machine, which can be used for the whole bag, weighing, bagging, and sealing.

Highlights of Small Scale Plantain Chips Making Machine

  • Eligible for start-ups or companies that mass-produce plantain chips.
  • We provide customers with high-quality services, with professional engineers and solution designers. Help customers to better develop this business.
  • High production efficiency, high degree of automation, reduce labor intensity.
  • It can be designed according to the customer’s factory, and each equipment for making plantain chips can be customized.
  • Our company has a special factory, and customers are very welcome to visit.


The plantain chips production machine provided by our company has the characteristics of stable performance and qualified quality. If you want to get a free quote or more details about this small scale plantain chips making machine you can leave us a message.

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