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Commercial Banana Chips Vacuum Frying Machine On Sale

This machine can effectively reduce the damage of high temperature to the nutrition of banana chips. Low-temperature vacuum frying can prevent the deterioration of edible oil, improve the reuse rate of edible oil, and reduce costs.



The banana chips vacuum frying machine can make the banana chips have better taste, better color and lower oil content. This vacuum frying machine integrates heating, frying, oil storage, deoiling, dehydration, and oil filtration, which can effectively reduce the oxidation of banana chips. The frying temperature of this fryer is generally around 80°C, and the frying time is 40-50min, which needs to be adjusted according to the state of the frying material.

Working Principle Of Banana Chips Vacuum Frying Machine

Under the low-temperature vacuum state, the water between the spores of fruits and vegetables is rapidly vaporized and expanded, so that the fried banana chips are crispy and not greasy, and the storage performance is good.

Main Components Of Vacuum Frying Machine

  • Standard configuration: frying chamber, oil storage tank, heat exchanger, condenser, oil-water separator, vacuum system, PLC control system.
  • Optional: cooling tower, steam generator, air compressor

banana chip vacuum frying machine

Advantages of Banana Chips Vacuum Frying Machine

  • Color protection: In the low-temperature vacuum state, the oxygen concentration in the fryer machine also decreases, so that the fried banana chips are not easy to fade, discolor and brown, and can maintain the color of the raw materials and have a longer shelf life.
  • Fragrance: This banana chips vacuum frying technology can well preserve the fragrance of the raw materials.
  • Reduce the deterioration of the oil: in a vacuum state, in a negative pressure state, the gas dissolved in the oil quickly escapes in large quantities, the generated water vapor pressure is small, and the frying temperature is low, thus, the degree of deterioration of the oil Greatly reduced.
  • Good quality of the machine: The banana chips vacuum frying machine is of good quality, easy to operate and maintain, suitable for a variety of fruit and vegetable products, and can be used for multiple purposes in one machine.
  • High oil saving rate: the oil content of generally fried food is as high as 40%, and the oil content of vacuum fried food is only 10%~20%, which can save 30%~40% of oil, and the oil saving effect is remarkable. The final oil food is crispy, not greasy, and has good storage properties.
  • High productivity: The vacuum low-temperature fryer subverts the traditional concept of long working time and low working efficiency of the vacuum frying machine. Compared with the traditional banana chips vacuum fryer machine, the working efficiency is increased by 30%, the performance is stable and the working efficiency is high.

commercial vacuum frying machine

If you want more crispy and fewer banana chips, order this vacuum frying machine now! Finally, if you want a free quote or more information about this machine, please drop us a message!

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