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Banana Powder Manufacturing Plant Commercial

Material: Banana

Production capacity: 100kg/h-1000kg/h

Finished product: banana powder

Banana powder use: It can be used as raw material or additive in food industry for beverages, dairy products, cakes, candies, etc.



A fully automatic banana powder manufacturing plant is mainly used to make plantain powder or banana powder. After the bananas are ripened, the banana powder is obtained through the processes of slicing, color protection, drying, grinding, and packaging. After this process, the color, flavor and main nutrients of the banana pulp can be well maintained. If you want to start a banana powder business or expand your industry, this banana powder production line developed by our company is one of the most popular complete sets of banana powder equipment for customers and will provide you with a detailed design plan.

banana powder manufacturing process

Banana Powder Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of banana powder mainly includes the process of slicing, blanching, color protection, drying, grinding, and packaging. The production line can also be designed according to specific needs.

①Select bananas: Choose bananas with good quality and consistent maturity, and the moisture content of banana raw materials is ≤75%.

②Banana peeling: The banana slices can be peeled by manual peeling.

③ Banana slices: Use a banana slicer, adjust the size to be sliced, and evenly slice the bananas. The sliced banana slices have a smooth surface and the same thickness.

④Blanching of bananas: The sliced bananas need to be blanched. The purpose of blanching is to sterilize and inhibit the reaction of mildew, so as to protect the color.

⑤Drying banana slices: Use a heat pump dryer to dry the banana slices, and the moisture content of the bananas after drying is ≤8%.

⑥Banana powder manufacturing machine: The automatic banana powder grinding machine can grind banana powder efficiently, and the grinding fineness can be adjusted.

⑦Banana powder packaging: use a banana powder packaging machine and package the banana powder according to the required packaging size to realize the process of automatic filling, sealing, cutting, and printing.

banana powder manufacturing plant

Advantages Of Banana Powder Manufacturing Plant

  1. This set of equipment is specially designed for banana powder processing, which can meet the mass production of banana powder.
  2. The banana powder production line is continuous and smooth and supports customization.
  3. The banana powder produced is of good quality and can maintain the original color well.
  4. Low energy consumption, less labor, convenient operation, and maintenance.
  5. The whole set of equipment runs stably and has a low failure rate. It is one of the most commonly used production lines for banana powder and plantain powder.
  6. Our company has a special factory, which can help customers to watch our products more intuitively.

Technical Parameter Of Banana Powder Manufacturing Machine

Machine Power capacity Weight Dimension
Banana Cutting machine 0.75kW 600-800kg/h 100kg 650*550*900mm
Blanching machine 1.5kw 500 kg/h 950kg 4200*1400*2300mm
Drying Machine 1.8KW 500 kg/h 2800Kg 4460*22602100mm
Powder machine 11 Kw 800 kg/h 550kg 800900*1550mm
Packing Machine 2.5kW 30-60 Bags/min 480kg 820·900*1980mm

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