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Bottom discharge Banana Chips Deoiling Machine Philippines

This machine adopts the method of bottom discharging, and the output per hour can be 200kg/h-900kg/h. It is widely used in food degreasing and vegetable dehydration.



This banana chips deoiling machine uses the principle of mechanical centrifugation to deoil the fried food to reduce greasiness and increase flavor. The de-oiled banana chips are easy to pack and store. In addition, this banana chips degreasing machine can be widely used for degreasing a variety of fried foods.

Discharge method: bottom discharge

Deoiling method: centrifugal deoiling

Output: 200kg/h-900kg/h, support customization

commercial banana chips deoiling machine display

Working Principle Of Deoiling Machine Philippines

Using the principle of mechanical centrifugation, through the high-speed rotation of the inner cylinder, various foods after frying are removed from the surface of the oil, and the device is collected. The de-oiled food is not easy to break, which is conducive to the quicker and faster next step of the product operation.

Features Of Banana Chips Deoiling Machine

  • Equipped with anti-vibration device, low noise and stable operation.
  • The material is stainless steel, which has a long service life.
  • The clutch starts, it is easy to accelerate, and it is more convenient to use.
  • Equipped with automatic digital control, convenient operation, high efficiency and high oil removal rate.
  • Equipped with variable frequency speed controller, the speed is adjustable.
  • In addition to the degreasing of fried foods, it can also be used for the dehydration of vegetables.

Working Video Of Banana Chips Degreasing Machine

This deoiling machine has high efficiency in the working process. After the work is completed, the material is discharged from the bottom, and the inner wall can collect excess oil, thereby improving the utilization rate. Normally, this banana chips de-oiling machine is used with frying and seasoning machine. If you want to know more details about the sub-machine, you can leave a message to me, we will quote you for free, welcome to customize.

Maintenance Of Deoiling Machine Philippines

  1. The machinemust be overhauled regularly, at least once every six months.
  2. Regularly check whether the fixed feet are loose at least once a month.
  3. Clean the equipment at least once a week.
  4. The gear box is greased, and the gear oil should be more slippery once the de-oiling/dehydrating machine runs for 2000 hours.

Tips Of Banana Chips Deoiling Machine

  1. After using for a period of time, the fixed feet may become loose and need to be tightened again.
  2. After working for a period of time, no water or oil can flow out of the drain and oil outlet, and the residues generated during the work need to be cleaned up in time.

Technical Data

Model GGD-1000
Power 1.5KW
Dimension 1200*1100*1400mm
Discharging type Bottom
Functions Deoiling and timing
Material SUS304
capacity 10kg/time

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