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Banana chips processing equipment has the advantages of low one-time investment, low energy consumption, multiple functions, and convenient use and maintenance.



As a professional banana chips machine supplier, our company is committed to providing customers with a variety of banana chips processing equipment. Each processing machine is made of high-quality materials and can be customized. The increasing popularity of banana chips, also means that there is a great market prospect. Our banana processing equipment will be able to help customers better.

Introduction Of Banana Chips Processing Equipment

Banana chips are usually made from unripe fruits by frying, and the commonly used machines are: banana slicer equipment, banana fryer equipment, banana deoiler equipment, banana seasoning equipment.

commercial banana chips processing equipment

  1. Banana Slicer Machine

☆Machine introduction: Feed the material vertically into the feeding port, the blade will quickly cut it into uniform slices, and the thickness of the slices can be adjusted.

☆Processing capacity: 300Kg/h-900Kg/h

☆ Feeding port: vertical feeding, four feeding ports, four kinds of cutting results.

☆Finished product: the surface of the slice is smooth and does not damage the pulp

  1. Banana Chips Fryer Machine

☆Machine introduction: automatic frying, automatic temperature control. The automatic filtration system greatly prolongs the life cycle of the oil, so that the cost is greatly reduced.

☆Processing capacity: 200kg/h-1000kg/h

☆Heating method: electric heating, gas heating, coal heating.

☆Finished product: The fried banana slices have beautiful color, good taste and rich aroma.

  1. Banana Chip Deoiler Machine

☆Machine introduction: Using the principle of centrifugation, the freshly fried banana chips are deoiled, which overcomes the defects of high oil content and greasy mouth.

☆Processing output: 200kg/h-900kg/h

☆Discharging method: unloading after the work is completed

☆Finished product: Banana chips after deoiling, good taste and less greasy feeling.

  1. Banana Chips Seasoning Equipment

☆Machine introduction: The inclined angle seasoning drum is adopted, which can mix the banana slices and the required seasoning powder evenly in a short time, and automatically discharge the material, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection without dead ends.

☆Support customization, adjustable speed.

☆Finished product: low breakage rate, even seasoning, various flavors can be obtained.

Video Of Banana Chips Processing Equipment

We are a professional banana chips machine supplier, each machine can be customized, if you want to get more details about banana processing machine, you can contact us. We will customize it according to your needs. In addition, we also provide fully automatic banana chip production lines to meet the needs of different customers.

Technical Parameter

No. Name Qty
1 Continuous Deep Fryer 1 2.25
2 Oil filter 1 1.5
3 Deoiling Machine 1 1.5
4 Lifting Machine 1 0.55
5 Cooling Machine 1 8.6
6 Rotary Flavoring Machine 1 2.25

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