In the modern food processing industry, plantain chips are widely enjoyed as a popular snack. However, to produce plantain chips with good texture and delicious taste, a series of necessary equipment are indispensable. This article will introduce the necessary equipment for plantain chips.

plantain chips making machine

No.1 plantain slicing machine:

The plantain slicing machine is the first step in producing plantain slices. It can cut fresh plantain into uniform thin slices quickly and accurately. The thickness of these slices can be controlled by adjusting the machine, ensuring that the plantain slices produced are consistent in size, thereby improving product quality and consistency.

No.2 frying machine:

Cut plantain slices need to be fried to increase their texture and flavor. The frying machine can immerse plantain slices in high-temperature oil for rapid frying, making them golden and crispy, with a more attractive taste.

No.3 deoiling machine

Fried plantain chips will contain a certain amount of oil. In order to reduce the oil content and improve the health of the plantain chips, they need to be processed through a deoiling machine. The deoiling machine removes excess oil from plantain slices through centrifugation or squeezing, making them fresher and healthier.

No.4 seasoning machine

Fried and deoiled plantain chips may also need to be seasoned to add flavor variety and appeal. The seasoning machine can evenly coat plantain slices with various seasonings, such as salt, sugar, chili powder, etc., making it taste richer and more delicious.

No.5 packing machine

Produced plantain chips need to be packaged to protect them from contamination and influence from the external environment and extend their shelf life. The packaging machine can automatically bag and seal plantain chips, and perform vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere packaging as needed to ensure the freshness and safety of the product.

The equipment mentioned above is the main equipment for making plantain chips and they play an important role in different stages of processing. However, since different customers have different processing procedures, the equipment they require will also be different. If you are not sure what equipment you need for making plantain chips, we can recommend it for you.

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