The fruit pulper machine is a very widely used equipment, which is used in the production of  juice and jam. But how does a fruit pulper machine work?

Through belt drive, the motor makes the scraper rotate at high speed which is installed at the spline. After the broken fruit is through the feeder into the machine, the Pulp disk block is then put disk material evenly into the sieve and scraper department. As the function of rotation and lead angle, the material moves down to the exit of the cylinder, the trajectory is spiral, and the material was wiped broken. At the centrifugal force between the scraper and the sieve, the juice and sarcocarp (which have been pasted) move to the next procedure through the sieve. (dual-channel, tri-channel for linkage to repeat the above process); the skin and seeds expel from the slag bucket to achieve the process of separation and pulping. If you want to change the speed of pulping, only need to adjust the sieve of different specifications and scrape lead angle.

fruit pulper machine

In order to ensure that the fruit pulper machine can work more efficiently, please pay attention to the following items during operation:

1、Start: When you drive, first check if the connection of rotor parts and other parts are solid and reliable, and motor signs are consistent with the shift, then add the 20th mechanical oi into the axletree at both ends, check if all the screw shaft is loose and front cylinder cover is fastened. check No loose only after boot. Start the machine only after inspection without loosening.

2、Stop: Anti-clockwise rotate handwheel, after the rotor stops turning, shut off the total gate. Do not open the front cylinder cover when the rotor is still running.

3、Temperature of bearing for normal use is less than 75 ℃, regularly replace clean mechanical oil to extend the working life.

4、Wash and maintain the machine one time after the class prevent the fermentation of materials and partial loss of lubricating oil. When rinsing the machine, open the front cylinder cover and twist off the screw at the end of the spline to extract the rotor components, mesh can be directly removed. For the selected aperture of sieve have¢0.6mm, ¢0.8mm, ¢1.0mm, ¢1.2mm, ¢1.5mm, ¢2.0mm, ¢2.5mm, ¢3.0mm and larger aperture.

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