When you think of the Philippines, you will think of bananas, because the island climate, soil, and geographical location of the Philippines are the most suitable conditions for banana planting. In addition, the Philippines also has a long history of banana planting, but if you want to deal with bananas in the Philippines, such as cutting bananas If so, what machines do I need to use? There are many types of cutting machines for bananas in the Philippines, which can be classified according to the final finished product requirements. The following will introduce you.

Cutting Machine For Banana In The Philippines

  • Round Banana Chip Cutting Machine:This slicer mainly cuts bananas into round shapes, and the finished product is round like a coin.
  • Long-shaped Banana Cutting Machine:The finished product obtained by such a machine is a long-shaped banana slice, which can be dried or fried.
  • Oblique Round Banana Cutting Machine:This slicer can cut bananas into a similar round shape but with a slightly oblique shape.

The above are the different banana slicers for bananas. After understanding the cutting machine for banana in the Philippines, what are the uses of sliced bananas?

Uses Of Bananas After Slicing

1. Deep-fried

One of the most common ways to cut banana slices is to fry them. The fried banana slices are crispy and delicious and have a good taste. They are common fried snacks in supermarkets and various snack stalls. If you want to start this business, you can’t do without the assistance of a banana chip fryer. For large manufacturers of banana chips, a complete line of banana chips is a good choice.

2. Drying

Dried banana slices are also a popular snack at the moment. The production method is mainly to dry the sliced banana slices through a drying machine, which has a good taste and a unique flavor.

3. Grinding

The banana itself has the characteristics of perishability. It is often processed into accessories that are convenient for storage, such as banana powder, which is ground by a pulverizer and then replaced by wheat flour, which is very popular among people.

The above is about the use of sliced banana chips, mainly for grinding, frying or drying. If you want to start a business about banana chips in the Philippines, you can contact us. Our company can provide customers with a variety of banana processing solutions, such as banana chip production, banana powder production, etc., whether it is from a single machine or a production line solution. Provide you with a satisfactory solution.

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