Vacuum frying is a very popular way of deep frying, and people can process all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. in this way. Why is vacuum frying so popular?

vacuum frying vegetables

One of the main benefits of vacuum frying is that it produces food with a lower oil content than traditional frying methods. This is because the vacuum environment reduces the pressure inside the food and allows for a lower temperature to be used, which reduces the amount of oil absorbed by the food.

Additionally, vacuum frying can help preserve the natural color, flavor, and texture of the food being fried. This is because the lower pressure and lower temperature used in vacuum frying can prevent the food from becoming overcooked or burnt.

Overall, vacuum frying is considered a healthier and more sustainable alternative to traditional frying methods because it uses less oil, produces less waste, and results in a product with better sensory qualities.

What is vacuum frying process?

Vacuum frying is a process of frying food in a vacuum environment. This method involves placing food in a vacuum chamber and then subjecting it to hot oil, which evaporates the moisture in the food while keeping it under low pressure.

The main process is:

  • Loading: The food to be fried is loaded into the vacuum chamber.
  • Pre-heating: The vacuum chamber is pre-heated to the desired temperature.
  • Vacuum: A vacuum pump is used to remove the air from the chamber, creating a low-pressure environment.
  • Frying: Hot oil is added to the chamber, and the food is fried for a set amount of time.
  • Oil removal: The oil is removed from the chamber, typically using a drain or a suction system.
  • Depressurization: The chamber is slowly returned to atmospheric pressure.
  • Unloading: The fried food is removed from the chamber.

During the frying process, the low pressure inside the vacuum chamber causes the moisture in the food to boil at a lower temperature than it would at atmospheric pressure. This helps to reduce the amount of oil absorbed by the food, resulting in a lower-fat product. The lower temperature and reduced exposure to oxygen also help to preserve the color, flavor, and texture of the food.

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