Bananas are a fruit that grows near tropical rain forests. It is rich in carbohydrates, minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus. In addition to being eaten as a fresh fruit, bananas are often processed into a fried snack – banana chips. Banana chips are a delicious, crunchy, healthy snack. So what is the process of banana chips? let’s figure it out together.

What Is The Process Of Banana Chips?
Step 1: Pick a Banana
Choose bananas that are rot-free and of consistent ripeness. Overripe, rotten bananas will not only affect but also cause irregular slices. Generally, 7-8 ripe bananas are selected for processing.
Step 2: Blanch and peel the bananas
Green bananas generally need to be blanched before peeling. The purpose of blanching is to soften the skin and make it easier to obtain the banana pulp.
Step 3: Cut the Raw Banana
After the bananas are peeled, the bananas need to be cut into thin slices. Cut using a commercial banana slicer. In addition, the shape and thickness of the cut can be selected.
Step 4: Fry the Banana Chips
The sliced banana slices are put into the fryer for frying. During frying, aroma will be produced, and banana slices with the same color and luster will be obtained at the same time.
Step 5: Degreasing Banana Chips
Under normal circumstances, the fried banana slices will be de-oiled, so that they will not be greasy and more conducive to health.
Step 6: Banana Chips for Seasoning
We will see banana chips in various flavors. In order to satisfy people with different taste preferences, the fried bananas are usually seasoned.
Step 7: Banana Chip Packaging
The way to extend the storage time of banana chips is to weigh and package them, which are easier to carry and sell.

How to Start a Banana Chip Business?
After understanding the above-mentioned processing process of banana chips, we will also give professional advice to those who want to start a banana chip business. With the growing popularity of banana chips, many people think that the banana business is a profitable business, and I think that may be right.
You can refer to the following steps to start a banana chip business.
1: First of all, you need to understand the market information of banana chips business, such as consumer level, consumer group, taste preference, etc.
2: Make a plan for the entire banana business, confirm the production scale and plan the input cost and make a business project plan flow chart.
3: Learn about the registration process and license for a banana chip making business.
4: The composition and details of the banana chip processing machine. The related banana processing machines mainly include banana slice cutting machine, banana slice frying machine, banana slice seasoning machine, banana slice packaging machine and so on.
5: Confirm the supplier of banana raw materials and whether to establish a factory, etc.
We are a professional banana chip processing machine supplier and can provide you with a complete banana chip production line to better develop your banana chip business.

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