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Industrial Plantain Chips Processing Machine In Nigeria

If you would like to start a plantain business in Nigeria or elsewhere, drop us a message and we will provide you with suitable plantain chips processing machine.



Plantain chips as we know them are Nigerian crunchy snacks made from unripe plantains. As plantain chips became more and more popular, many people also started the business. Our plantain chips processing machines are very popular in Nigeria and can help you get crispy plantain chips and make this business even better.

Flow Chart Of Plantain Chips Machine In Nigeria


Flow Chart Of Plantain Chips Machine In Nigeria

Introduction Of Plantain Chips Processing Machine In Nigeria

Plantain chips processing machines in Nigeria include banana slicers, blanchers, dehydrators, fryers, degreasers, seasoning lines, packaging machines.

  • Plantain slicer: simple operation, high output, uniform thickness of cut slices, smooth surface, arbitrary adjustment, no need to break.
  • Blanching machine: Rinse the plantain chips to protect the color.
  • Dehydrator: The use of a centrifuge can greatly shorten the cooking time and improve the taste of plantain slices.
  • Fryer: This equipment is the most advanced frying equipment at present. The precision of oil temperature control ensures the quality and taste of plantain chips.
  • Degreasing machine: remove the oil on the surface of the fried banana slices to reduce the greasy feeling.
  • Seasoning machine: Add flavor to plantain slices, with very good taste.
  • Packaging machine: fully automatic packaging machine, extending shelf life.

Working Video Of Plantain Chips Machine In Nigeria

Below is the working video of this plantain chips processing machine in Nigeria. It can be seen from the video that our machine has a very high production capacity, and the final product quality is good. It is a very good plantain chips production line.

Features Of Plantain Chips Machine In Nigeria

  1. The plantain slicer has four feeding ports, and the thickness and size of the plantain can be adjusted. In addition, the corresponding feed port can also be installed according to customer requirements
  2. The whole set of machines has fast processing speed, low investment, labor-saving, and high output of plantain chips, which is suitable for large-capacity production and processing.
  3. Customized services, our company can provide customized services according to the specific needs of customers. Such as plant area, processing technology, and so on.

Market For Plantain Chips

Plantain chips have a very broad market prospect. If you want to start this business in Nigeria, you will also have unique conditions, because Nigeria is rich in plantain, which provides a rich source of supply. In addition, plantain is not easy to store and grind. Easier to ship and sell after plantain sheets.

If you would like to start a plantain business in Nigeria or elsewhere, drop us a message and we will provide you with suitable plantain chips processing machine.

Technical Parameter

Machine Power Capacity Weight Dimension
Banana Peeling Machine 1.1KW 240pcs/min
Banana Cutting Machine 0.75kw 600-800 kg/h 100 kg 650*550*900mm
Banana Chips Fryer 24kw 100 kg/h 140 kg 1400*700*950mm
Deoiling Machine 1.1kw 300 kg/h 360 kg 1000*500*700mm
Seasoning machine 1.5kw 800 kg/h 180 kg 1200*1000*1400mm
Chips Packing Machine 2.5kw 30-60 Bags/min 480 kg 820*900*1980mm

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