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Fully Automatic Banana Plantain Chips Production Line For Sale

Raw materials: 7 ripe bananas or plantains.

Finished product: fried banana chips and plantain chips.

Processing flow: peeling → slicing → rinsing → air drying → frying → air-drying → seasoning → packaging.



Our banana plantain chips production line uses advanced machines to produce fried banana chips/plantain chips. Delicious banana and plantain chips are obtained by peeling, slicing, blanching, dehydrating, frying, degreasing, seasoning, etc. The processing line is fully automatic, and the clever combination will make the production of banana chips and plantain chips more convenient and efficient. It has the characteristics of fine workmanship, continuous operation and low energy consumption. It is the most popular processing line for banana chips and plantain chips.

Introduction Of Banana Plantain Chips Production Line 

  • Banana chips manufacturing process: peeling → slicing → rinsing → air drying → frying → air drying → degreasing → seasoning → packaging.
  • This plantain chips production line includes a banana slicer, blanching machine, dehydrator, fryer, deoiler, seasoning machine, and packing machine.
  • Regarding the output of the machine, we have a semi-automatic banana chip production line and a fully automatic banana chip production line for you to choose.
  • Suitable solutions can be designed according to the customer’s processing technology and plant size.
  • Each machine on the production line can be customized, and the production line can be configured according to customer needs.

banana chips manufacturing process

Features of Banana Plantain Chips Production Line

  1. All machines are well-made, made of high-quality stainless steel, non-polluting, meet the requirements of food hygiene, and have a long service life.
  2. The fryer can continuously fry at a constant temperature, with fast heating and high production efficiency, ensuring that the food is fried at the same temperature.
  3. The banana chips and plantain chips made are of good quality, taste and color.
  4. Fully automatic, saving labor cost, easy maintenance and low energy consumption.
  5. The banana chips produced by the plantain chips production line have the characteristics of large output, low investment and convenient maintenance. It is ideal equipment for large and medium-sized manufacturers.

Working Video of Banana Chips Processing Plant

Below is the working video of this banana chips production line, each machine has good working efficiency and runs smoothly. This production line is also suitable for frying potato chips, French fries, and onions after adjusting some machines. Is the ideal frying line, welcome to order.

If you want to get a quotation about this banana plantain chips production line, you can leave us a message and we will send you a quotation as soon as possible.

Technical Parameter

Machine Power Capacity Weight Dimension
Banana Peeling Machine 1.1KW 240pcs/min
Banana Cutting Machine 0.75kw 600-800 kg/h 100 kg 650*550*900mm
Banana Chips Fryer 24kw 100 kg/h 140 kg 1400*700*950mm
Deoiling Machine 1.1kw 300 kg/h 360 kg 1000*500*700mm
Seasoning machine 1.5kw 800 kg/h 180 kg 1200*1000*1400mm
Chips Packing Machine 2.5kw 30-60 Bags/min 480 kg 820*900*1980mm

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