Do you know which plantain chips making machines in Nigeria are available? How do you make commercial plantain chips? This article will give you an understanding of the machines and methods needed to make plantain chips. Nigeria has a geographical environment suitable for planting plantains and is one of the countries rich in plantains. With the increasing preference for plantain crisps, the business of plantain crisps has become more and more popular. At present, deep-fried plantain chips have become one of the most popular foods, and people have begun to pay attention to the machines and commercial methods for processing these plantain chips.

What Are The Plantain Chips Making Machines In Nigeria?

The machines that manufacture plantain slices in Nigeria mainly include a plantain washing machine, plantain cutting machine, plantain slice blanching machine, plantain frying machine, plantain deoiling machine, plantain air dryer, plantain seasoning machine, Plantain packaging machine. This is also an indispensable machine for a complete plantain chip production line.

 Plantain Chips Making Machines In Nigeria

How Do You Make Commercial Plantain Chips?

The method of commercial production of plantain chips mainly includes the following processes: selection-washing and peeling-cutting-frying-deoiling-seasoning-packaging-storage.

  • 1. Selection of plantains: Choose plantains with no decay, good quality, and 7-point ripeness.
  • 2. Blanching and peeling plantains: It is easier to peel plantains after blanching.
  • 3. Plantain slices: According to the desired size and shape, use a plantain slicer to cut plantains into long slices or round slices.
  • 4. Plantain slices blanching: The purpose of this blanching is to inhibit the action of enzymes, prevent bananas from oxidizing, and protect their color.
  • 5. Drain plantain slices and air-dry: After blanching plantain slices, the surface water needs to be removed to shorten the frying time.
  • 6. Deep-fried plantain slices: deep-fried plantain slices until they are evenly colored and crispy.
  • 7. Degreasing plantain chips: In order to reduce the greasy feeling, the fried plantain slices need to be degreased.
  • 8. Plantain chips seasoning: According to taste preference, adjust plantain slices into a variety of flavors.
  • 9. Package of plantain chips: The seasoned plantain slices are packaged and sold.

Working Video Of Plantain Chips Making Machines In Nigeria

The following is the working video of the related machines of plantain chips, which has the characteristics of stable operation and high production efficiency.

The above are the machines used to make plantain chips in Nigeria and the commercial method of making plantain chips. If you want to know more details about the production of plantain chips or want to start a business related to this, you can leave us a message. We will provide you with more detailed machine details and quotations.

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