how to make banana chips for business? If you want to start a banana chip business, you might ask this question? Like potato chips, demand for premium banana chips is increasing, especially in urban areas. This article will provide information on how to make banana chips to help you run this business better.

The general location of banana chips requires licenses and permits required for the production business, raw materials required to prepare banana chips, banana chip processing machine details, production process of banana chips, plan cost of banana chips, etc.

Steps on How to Make Banana Chips for Business

1. Background analysis of banana chips

Banana slices are processed from natural bananas without any chemical raw materials. They are made by special processing methods. They are full of color, fragrance and taste. They also contain many vitamins and main minerals needed by the human body, and can also avoid excess fatty acids. Crispy and delicious, crisp but not loose. Nowadays, banana chips are similar to potato chips and become an indispensable snack in people’s daily life. Knowing the prospects of good banana chips will help us to develop this business better.

2. Preparing banana chips requires a license required for the production business

When producing banana chips you must first be a commercial organization, which needs to be registered according to the relevant local requirements. After obtaining permission, production and operation can be carried out.

3. Prepare the raw materials for the banana chips

Bananas are inseparable from bananas. Many countries in the world are rich in bananas. Bananas are grown in many countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras. You can choose the source and supplier according to your own needs in order to obtain abundant raw materials.

4. Banana Chip Processing Machine

Producing banana chips requires a banana chip processor, so if you are a beginner, start on a small scale. As your business grows, you can choose a fully automatic banana chip production line for production. Usually, the banana chip processing machine mainly includes:

  • washing machine
  • blanching machine
  • fryer
  • Degreasing machine
  • seasoning machine
  • Packing Machine

5. The process in making banana chips

The production process of commercial banana chips is mainly: peeling and slicing – blanching and color protection – frying – degreasing – seasoning – packaging and selling. The raw materials are first peeled and then cut with a banana slicer. After cutting, it needs to be blanched. After blanching, the moisture on the surface is removed, and then deep-fried. After deep-frying, it can be seasoned and packaged with good color and taste. After the above series of processes are completed, a sub-sale can be carried out.

6. Marketing Channels

To produce good banana chips, in order to obtain sales, good sales channels are needed.

  • 1. Sell directly to people.
  • 2. Can be supplied to local shops, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, etc.
  • 3. Online sales.

This is the general process of how to make banana chips for business, I hope it helps you. In addition, as a professional banana chip processing machine manufacturer, we can provide you with banana chip machines, production processes, design solutions, etc. Please leave a message if interested.


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