Recently we received an order for banana chips solution from an Indonesian customer with a contract amount of 254093USD. The customer ordered the banana chips production line.

1. Understand the specific needs of customers: After receiving the inquiry from customers, we immediately understand the potential needs of customers and formulate exclusive solutions according to the specific needs of customers.

We understand that Indonesia is mainly engaged in growing, manufacturing, delivering fresh and processed fruits, juices, meat, and dairy products, etc. The client wants a fully automated production line for mass production.

2. Establish a project group: After understanding the customer’s needs, we will establish a project group as soon as possible and hold a zoom meeting with the customer. During the zoom meeting and the engineer, the procurement staff held a plan communication meeting in advance to clarify the information that needs to be confirmed with the customer and formulate a preliminary plan. Customize the banana chip processing equipment according to the customer’s workshop, update the layout plan actively, and make the after-sales service plan to reassure the customer. To ensure the rationality of the program and after-sales service.

3. Video conference communication: multiple video conferences and engineers explain to customers the functions and features of each device to solve customers’ concerns.

4. Factory advantage: Our company has its own machine processing factory, which is convenient for customers to watch the processing process and test machine of the machine through video. In addition, we also have many photos of customer visits, which makes Indonesian customers more believe in our strength.

5. Price objection: After confirming the plan, the customer will feel that the price is a bit high. After we explained that each machine will use high-quality materials, and promised to stock up with other orders to reduce costs, the customer also expressed understanding.

6. Transaction: After communication, the final customer chose us. The customer said that our service and good machine quality are worth cooperation.

Our company is a specialized banana chip production line supplier and can design solutions according to your specific needs. Whether you need a fully automatic banana chip line or a semi-automatic banana chip line, we can make your own banana chip solution for you. Program. If you want to start a banana chip business please leave us a message and we will provide you with a suitable solution as soon as possible.

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