Banana is a common fruit with soft and glutinous pulp, delicious and delicious. Rich in vitamins and trace elements, it is deeply loved by the public. Bananas can not only be used directly but also can be made into various products such as banana chips. Today, the editor will discuss with you how to start a banana chip business in the Philippines and increase the added value of banana products.

The business plan of banana chips in the Philippines mainly includes the market of banana chips, the advantages of banana chips in the Philippines, and the composition of equipment.

Market Prospect Of Banana Chips

In pursuit of health, more and more people are choosing fresh and natural snacks or gluten-free, paleo diets, but their cravings for delicious snacks are not necessarily put down. Banana chips are made by peeling, slicing and frying bananas. They not only retain most of the nutrients and deliciousness of bananas but are also easy to store and carry. They are a very popular snack.

Nowadays, no matter in dry goods stores, roasted seeds and nuts shops or supermarkets, we can always see the figure of banana slices. The small yellowish flakes always make people want to stuff them into their mouths. Banana chips have a broad market and promising prospects, which will lead the development trend of banana deep processing.

How To Start Banana Chips Business In Philippines?

The island climate, soil and water, geographical location and other factors in the Philippines are the most suitable for banana planting. Coupled with the long history of banana planting, Philippine bananas have formed a unique place in the aspects of planting, harvesting, packaging and preservation, cold chain transportation and sales. A set of mature standardized operation modes.

As the origin of the Philippines, bananas and various banana products are an indispensable delicacy in people’s lives. Every April 15th is Banana Day in the Philippines. On this day, various activities about bananas are held all over the country to express the Filipino people’s love for bananas.

Therefore, the banana chips business in the Philippines has the advantages of good origin, good taste, mature technology and large sales volume. The banana slices made also have a strong banana fruit aroma. Each slice is full and thick, with a crisp taste. It is a daily home leisure snack with a large consumption.

Machines Commonly Used To Start Banana Chip Business

(1) Slicer: The sliced banana slices are neat in shape and uniform in thickness, which meets the processing needs of export products.

(2) Blanching machine: color protection and sterilization of banana slices.

(3) Fryer: The frying process can get more crispy and delicious banana slices.

(4) De-oiling machine: It is mainly used to remove the oil stored on the surface of the fried banana chips, so that it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, good taste, easy storage, easy packaging, and saving cooking oil.

(5) Banana chips seasoning machine: The drum seasoning machine is used for seasoning in the production process of banana slices so that the seasoning is evenly sprinkled on the banana slices.

(6) Banana chips packaging machine: Automatically complete quantitative cutting, bag making, filling, counting, sealing, slitting, outputting finished products, labeling, printing and other work.

Our company has been adhering to the idea of making the production of banana chips easier and safer for many years, attracting many customers. Exquisite craftsmanship, excellent technology, and high-quality after-sales service make the number of customers continue to increase. In order to meet the different needs of customers, we constantly introduce new products, which can be customized according to specific requirements, and are well received by our customers. Customers with related needs for banana chip processing, please contact me, our company will provide you with detailed banana chips processing solutions.


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