Fruit pulp refers to the juice-containing, unfermented pulp-like product obtained by beating the fruit. Such as banana pulp, mango pulp, etc. Fruit pulp is divided into the following two categories according to the concentration:

  1. Raw fruit pulp: Refers to the unfermented but fermentable slurry that is processed by the beating process, which has the color, flavor and soluble solid content of the original fruit pulp.
  2. Concentrated fruit pulp: refers to removing a certain proportion of natural water from fruit pulp by physical methods to make products with the characteristics of fruit pulp.
banana pulp

How do you process fruit pulp?

Usually the processing flow of fruit pulp is as follows: Selection→peeling→rinsing→color protection→precooking→denucleation and beating→color protection→rubber mill→blending→sterilization→packaging→cooling

However, depending on the type of fruit, the entire processing process is different. For example, if your ingredients are bananas, there will be no pitting step. The specific process needs to be customized according to the type and characteristics of the fruit.

According to the processing requirements of different stages of fruit pulp, we can configure equipment that meets the requirements for you. Our equipment has the following characteristics:

  1. Reasonable and beautiful design, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, low steam consumption.
  2. The concentration system adopts a forced circulation vacuum concentration evaporator, which is specially used for the concentration of high-viscosity materials such as jam and fruit pulp, and the concentration time is short. And according to the requirements of customers, the pulp can be concentrated within a certain range.
  3. The evaporation temperature of the evaporator is low, the heat is fully utilized, the heating is gentle, and the heat transfer coefficient is high.
  4. The condenser with special structure can operate normally when the cooling water temperature is 30°C or even higher.
  5. Continuous feeding and discharging, material liquid level and required concentration can be controlled automatically.

Part of the equipment required for pulp processing needs to be customized according to the production needs of customers. If you have needs of pulp processing machine, you can contact us. (Email: )

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