Bananas are rich in pectin, sugars, tannins, and various enzymes, which are not only difficult to store, but also easy to brown during processing, resulting in deterioration of color, nutrition, and flavor, which seriously affects the quality of the product. Therefore bananas are often processed into videos that are easy to store and preserve, such as banana powder.

Banana powder is a convenient food made of fresh bananas that are technically ground into powder. Banana flour is a powder traditionally made from greens. Has a very mild banana flavor and an earthy, non-banana flavor when cooked; it has a texture reminiscent of lighter wheat flours, requires about 25% less volume, and is a good substitute for white whole wheat flour. So how is a banana powder manufactured? This article takes mud to understand together.

How Is Banana Powder Manufactured?

This article mainly introduces the commercial production process of banana powder, which is mainly divided into five parts: the selection of banana raw materials, the color protection of bananas after peeling and slicing, the drying of banana slices, the grinding of banana slices, and the packaging of banana powder.

  • 1. Banana raw material processing: Bananas that are fully ripened are required. Only bananas that have reached the edible maturity level will have a complete color and fragrance, and the degree of browning will be weakened.
  • 2. Color protection treatment: After peeling and slicing bananas, color protection treatment is required. It is easier to maintain the original color through the blanched banana slices.
  • 3. Drying: The banana slices are dried in the dryer to achieve the purpose of drying in a short time, and the moisture content of the product is below 3%.
  • 4. Grinding: Grind the dried banana slices into powder, then sieve and finely grind to obtain the finished banana powder.
  • 5. Packaging: carry out automatic weighing and packaging to extend the shelf life.

Uses Of Banana Powder

How to eat: Cook porridge for seasoning, flush fruit juice, fruit mask, make cakes and bread, moon cake fillings, nutritional supplements for children, liquid food for sick patients, ice cream, jelly pudding, health care products, etc.

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