Banana is one of people’s favorite fruits. There are many banana producing areas in the world, and a large number of bananas are on the market every harvest season. Due to the rapid ripening of the bananas due to the high temperature, there is a surplus of product. If it is not dealt with in time, it will cause economic loss. In this case, ripe bananas need to be processed into products such as dried bananas, banana slices, jams, etc. Peeled, diced, and dried bananas are called dried bananas, making them easy to store and eat, making them a popular snack. However, in order to make the color of dried bananas more beautiful, the drying temperature of bananas is usually required to be higher.

banana drying temperature

1. Banana drying equipment

The raw materials for dried banana processing have higher requirements on maturity, that is, the appropriate time to reach edible maturity and complete color, flavor and taste. When processing raw materials, first peel and slice. Banana pulp contains polyphenols, which can cause it to darken during processing and storage of the finished product. In order to obtain a product with good color and luster, a color protection treatment is required.

The natural drying time of bananas is long, and the temperature cannot be controlled, which cannot meet the needs of large-scale production. The fruit and vegetable heat pump dryer can precisely control the drying temperature and humidity in the drying process of bananas. It can achieve zero pollution, low operating cost and high efficiency. It is an indispensable machine for modern production.

2. Banana drying temperature

Spread the processed bananas on a baking sheet. Push the baking tray into the drying box and start the dryer. The drying temperature should be controlled between 60-75°C, and the drying time should be completed within 18-20 hours. The moisture content requirement of the finished product is 16%. The specific drying temperature is: for the first 6 hours, the temperature is controlled at 70-75°C and the humidity is 35%; During the middle 7 hours, the temperature is controlled between 65-70°C and the humidity is 20%; Within the next 5 hours, the temperature should be controlled between 60-65°C, and the humidity should be controlled at 10%.

Bananas are high in sugar and can caramelize during the drying process if the temperature is too high, say 80°C. The temperature is too low and the baking time is too long, neither meets the requirements.

The banana drying equipment designed and developed by our company – fruit and vegetable heat pump dryer adopts intelligent control, reasonable structure, uniform drying, safe and green, the dried bananas are of high quality and less nutrient loss, and the use effect has been well received by customers.

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