Bananas contain minerals such as vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, potassium and manganese. Dried bananas can enable banana growers to sell a wider range of products, not just limited to fresh fruit sales. But do you know the banana drying process?

dry banana

Banana drying process:

Banana drying usually involves blanching, cooling, peeling, slicing, color protection, air drying, and then drying the bananas.

Equipment required for the banana drying process:

  1. Blanching machine

Banana drying uses immature green bananas, which are difficult to peel directly. They can be blanched in hot water through a blanching machine to facilitate peeling.

  • Washing machine

The temperature of the bananas after blanching is high, and the temperature on the surface of the bananas is reduced by the bubble washing machine.

  • multifunction slicer

The bananas are manually peeled on the operating table, and the peeled bananas enter the multi-functional slicer through the conveyor belt, which can cut the bananas into uniform slices.

  • Air drying

Bananas contain enzymes, which are easy to change color when exposed to air, affecting the appearance. After soaking the banana slices in the color protection solution, take them out and air-dry them to dry the moisture on the surface of the banana slices and shorten the drying time accordingly.

  • Drying

The banana slice are conveyed through the mesh belt and enter the inside of the dryer. Drying takes longer. After the drying is completed, the banana slices are sent out through the continuous multi-layer mesh belt. Dried banana slice have low moisture content.

After the bananas have completed the drying process, the next step of processing can be carried out according to actual production needs.

If you want to know more about banana drying equipment, please feel free to contact our technical engineers to obtain exclusive banana drying processing solutions and professional services throughout the process.

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